Discover the HMS Victory in Breathtaking Detail

Embark on an exciting journey of discovery. Build your own scale model HMS Victory tall ship – Lord Nelson's flagship at the legendary battle of Trafalgar. A 1:84 wooden scale model of the original vessel, this exquisite model details every feature of the original ship. Now available to order online, receive the HMS Victory model kit in monthly stages, complete with all parts and instructions for each phase of the build. Or order all build phases to arrive in one shipment (supplies are limited).

Available exclusively from ModelSpace, the HMS Victory model kit replicates the original vessel in authentic detail, as approved by the HMS Victory Museum.

Other remarkable features of this 1:84 wooden scale model include:

  • Hardwood planking over hardwood ribs
  • Lifelike models of Nelson and his deck crew
  • Accurate representation of every rope and spar
  • Two cupids supporting the royal coat of arms surmounted with the royal crown
  • A figurehead with inscription: "shame to him who evil thinks"

Customize your HMS Victory model kit by choosing to build a complete hull, or leaving off part of the planking to reveal the ship's gun decks.

ModelSpace provides all parts and detailed instructions to build this nautical model. Order your model kit to arrive in monthly phases, or receive all build phases in one shipment.

Free Gifts When You Order HMS Victory

Free Magnifying Glass
FREE Magnifying glass
with grips

A must-have for all modelers, making it easy to work on small parts with your 2nd months' pack.

Free Mariner Model Toolkit
FREE Marine Modeler's
toolkit in aluminum case

Includes a plank cutter/bender, side cutters, pliers, tweezers, micro drill and more! All this with your 4th month's pack.

Step By Step


Clear step-by-step instructions show how to assemble and finish the parts - every step of the way. Even if you've never tried this type of project before, you'll be able to put your HMS Victory together in easy stages, learning the skills as you go.


1:84 Scale   |   Made of wood and metal   |   Includes all the sails and rigging    |   Plus die cast figures of the crew


Length: 1250 mm (49 ¼")   |   Height: 850 mm (33 ½")   |   Beam: 450 mm (17 ¾")   |   Scale: 1:84


Build Diary

Victory Book


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